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Our company which has knowledge and experience in every stage from production to sales in textile sector for more than 20 years, will continue to be at the service of our valuable customers with a new formation and breakthrough under the name of MK TEKSTIL. To meet your textile needs, MK TEXTILE, which will continue its existence in the sector with the guarantee of quality and trust, is at your service with its sensitivity and customer satisfaction based work that will be shown in weaving, dyeing, garment and transportation services starting from yarn. We invite you to work and coalition by guiding the slogan CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS THE BASIC RULE.
Gemona LTD. as Import -Export service provider in Turkey develops solutions in its field and produces surplus value to be a company worldwide perception. With its honest and high quality service oriented working principle, customer satisfaction oriented services, it provides its customers as a package for finding customers, finding products, import export customs clearance and logistics. Although it offers its customers a wide range of products in many sectors such as white goods, textiles, clothing, household goods and food, it also provides special products to its customers by organizing special production.
PIBAY is the first German - Turkish Company founded at 1988 in Adana/Turkey. The partnership with PICHLER-a German Textile Company founded in 1866 brought PIBAY the basic and technical know-how and
Sanem Plastic, which has been continuing its commercial activities in PVC tablecloth sector from 1996 till today, launched its own production facilities in 2002 in order to extend its product range and provide higher quality service. Sanem Plastic continues its productive activities with its own brands, particularly Florista and Moderno in its two factories in Izmir, follows customer expectations and market demands closely and makes significant contributions to the sectoral development. Sanem Plastic, which increases its market share continuously with its day by day growing production capacity and rich design range, in addition to having a significant share in both domestic and foreign markets with its successful sales organization and distribution network, presents its products to the consumers’ liking in more than 50 countries. Sanem Plastic uses technological infrastructure that it has been developing within, does not compromise its quality standards and pays research and development a lot of importance, takes firm steps forward becoming the leader of the sector.
We are a firm of seller of hotel textiles and materials. Since 1995, we are serving both domestic and abroad hotels. Our dealerships are in the area of glassware Pasabahce, in chinaware Gural, Kutahya, Porland , in silverware Jumbo and Hisar , in service trays Cambrom, in kitchen supplies Oztiryakiler, in laundry supplies our own production, in housekeeping supplies our own production.
In 1980, we started our business life under the leadership of our deceased brother Mehmet PORDOGAN and we aimed to expand to the wider market share in the Middle East in the light of his vision and experiences. Our deep-rooted history is the guarantee of our reliability. With this understanding, which has adopted the business ethics as value, we have maintained our services in the whole Middle East since 1980 by keeping reliability, sincerity, transparency and satisfaction in the forefront.
"Boss" is a leading producer and supplier of hygienic paper products , medical supplies , packaging and promotional bags specially designed for customer’s own brands. Through our knowledge of European markets, trends and local consumer requirements, we can respond rapidly and flexibly to marketplace changes and offer our customers individual product concepts, consultancy and services. We have a unique blend of 10 years’ experience, integrity and creativity, which makes us the ultimate go-to promotional partner for any company/brand requiring a safe and reliable vehicle for their advertising. We are one of the fastest growing promotional item suppliers with its more than 130 global customers from all around the world. We prepare and produce our orders with the greatest attention to detail, which has set us apart from the very beginning to final the delivery. Most of our products have large areas for personalization, a wide range of different shapes, including custom-made shapes. Our company’s well developed communication skills, well organized production schedules for specific deadlines, being capable of quick-answering flexible and customized orders are what make us unique in the market. Let us help you, today, share your tender details with us or simply find the product that fits your need from our web site.